• Rash Remedies

    Rash Remedies

    Summer is that time of the year when your little one can get easily overheated. This, in turn, may lead to prickly heat rashes. Read how to beat the heat and tame the rashes.

  • Ageing? Face it

    Ageing? Face it

    Facial exercises are a good way to slow signs of ageing. Hailed as a natural alternative to Botox, facial yoga is perhaps is the best addition to your beauty regime. 

  • Unlock your child’s cognitive potential

    Unlock your child’s cognitive potential

    Baby’s brain begins to develop when he is in the womb. By boosting early learning skills, you can help to build neural connections that will affect your child forever.

  • Sending Zen Vibes

    Sending Zen Vibes

    Want a cozy corner inside your home where chaos and stress aren’t allowed? Get started on creating a Japanese Zen zone.

  • Oil Cleanse

    Oil Cleanse

    The ayurvedic practice of oil pulling is gaining popularity as an effective, simple and natural method to eliminate toxins from the body.

  • Brewing Wellness

    Brewing Wellness

    If you are a tea lover and want to up the wellness quotient of that steaming cup, Japanese tea matcha may be just what you are looking for…

  • ABC of Big C

    ABC of Big C

    Cancer is emerging as the number one killer across the world. Find out the myths and the facts about the disease

  • Time Travel

    Time Travel

    Most globetrotters suffer from jet lag. It takes a toll when your sleep cycle gets affected. While you cannot avoid a jet lag, alleviate through natural methods.

  • Most fragrant of them all

    Most fragrant of them all

    Dedicate a portion of your home to beautiful and fragrant flowers that will uplift your home and your mood!

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