• Not Friends Forever

    Not Friends Forever

    A pacifier shouldn’t be your baby’s best pal. Be a little patient and determined, and you’ll be able to wean your little one off it. For good!

  • Back to Bacteria

    Back to Bacteria

    Fermented skincare products are the new rage in the cosmetic industry.

  • What can you do without?

    What can you do without?

    Our craving for material wealth is no longer driven hardship, but by discontent. Here’s the effective way to break free of the vicious cycle.

  • Don’t waste away

    Don’t waste away

    Just like the sewage system disposes of unwanted waste to keep a city clean, the excretory system works non-stop to remove waste from the body and prevent build up of toxic waste. Find how to keep the excretory system in top shape

  • All in your head

    All in your head

    Intense physical training can cause exertion headaches. Find ways to manage exercise headaches.

  • Playing it Cool

    Playing it Cool

    It’s peak summer! Bring down the heat quotient in your home with some simple tinkering. Explore natural means that will help you lower the temperature.

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