I have worked with Suja Natarajan for the past couple years on a variety of writing assignments. She has never missed a deadline, and her work is meticulously researched and fact checked. I rarely need to perform much editing, as her writing typically meets or exceeds my expectations.

T. Foster Jones, Managing Editor, Costco Connection,USA.

Suja is a talented and well-researched writer, who has covered business and health topics for Costco Connection Canada. She consistently produces high-quality work on deadline, and is prompt with edits and feedback. I would recommend her for any publication!

Hana Medina, Editor, Costco Connection, Canada.

Suja produced a few health and wellness stories for us at AmericanSpa.com and she was great to work with. Her work was always well written and researched and required minimal edits. She was always prompt to submit and reply, and was kind and communicative. She is a great choice for those in need of freelance writers.

Samantha Reed, Associate Editor, American Spa.

You have the knack of presenting health related issues in an objective manner. The primary thing is to have original and great content. Please keep up the good work!

Dr. Harsha Doddihal, CEO & Co-founder, Prana Healthcare Enablers.

It’s a pleasure to work with Suja. She is prompt and professional with her stories. Never had a reason to complain! 

Jisha Krishnan, Editor, Deccan Herald, Living.

I would like to compliment you for carrying on with your well-researched articles in Deccan Herald and other newspapers.

Srikanth B.R, Senior Editor, Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd.

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