• The Liver and Skin Connection

    The Liver and Skin Connection

    The skin is often the mirror of how efficiently your liver works. An overworked or poorly functioning liver significantly affects the skin. It is worth checking the liver’s health if you want clear skin.

  • Love your Liver

    Love your Liver

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is thought to regulate the smooth flow of qi, or the vital energy necessary for health and well-being, and spring is considered the season when the liver’s energy reaches its full height. Spring is therefore an ideal time to nourish and nurture liver with natural and detoxifying foods.

  • Don’t waste away

    Don’t waste away

    Just like the sewage system disposes of unwanted waste to keep a city clean, the excretory system works non-stop to remove waste from the body and prevent build up of toxic waste. Find how to keep the excretory system in top shape

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