• Hot Topic

    Hot Topic

    Summer brings welcome outdoor activities. The season also brings risk, in the form of heat-related sickness and fatalities.¬†According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2004 to 2018 an average of 712 heat-related deaths occurred in the U.S. annually, and extreme heat sends more than 65,000 Americans to the emergency room each year.…

  • The Digital Downpour

    The Digital Downpour

    Combating information overload. Read More  Published in Costco Connection, March 2018

  • Black is bountiful

    Black is bountiful

    The dark rice variety is celebrated for its nutrient content. Find out its health benefits to include in your diet.

  • Go green this Diwali

    Go green this Diwali

    The mere mention of Diwali brings cheer to our minds. But what is Diwali withouth the cacophony of fireworks and the thick smoke that blends into the air, throwing those vulnerable into a fit of cough?

  • Didn’t see that coming?

    Didn’t see that coming?

    It can happen in your personal relationship, professional life, among friends and family. Betrayal is more common than we would like to believe . No matter what the reason, it leaves you hurt, angry, shocked and let down.

  • What if you could travel anywhere…

    What if you could travel anywhere…

    Everybody deserves a break. And nothing works wonders like a solo trip to an exciting destination or a relaxed journey in the company of like-minded women.

  • If you care a little more…

    If you care a little more…

    Hardwired to believe in the theory of survival of the fittest, we withdraw into our little cocoons and become cold. But what connects us, as social beings, is the language of kindness.

  • What can you do without?

    What can you do without?

    Our craving for material wealth is no longer driven hardship, but by discontent. Here’s the effective way to break free of the vicious cycle.

  • Body Talk

    Body Talk

    We are often judged by first impressions and 70 percent of communication is non-verbal. Here’s how to use body language as a tool for personal and professional success.

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